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Edelkrone Pocket Rig 2 en Pro Skater 2

Yet again Edelkrone astounds me with their ingenious new film gear.
The company is well known for their reinventing and -imagining of existing equipment. Practicality and compactness are key. The Pocket Rig 2 is almost like a pocket knife with it’s foldable stock and extendable 15mm rods, transformable into a practical and versatile shoulder rig.

Pocket Rig 2

With it’s 1,5 pounds (0,725 kg) and short dimensions (folded 5.7 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches / 147 x 60 x 60mm), the pocket rig 2 fits easily into your camera bag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit into your pocket unless you’re open to “are you happy to see me or is that a pocket rig 2 in your pocket” situations 😉

FIlm Geat

Especially designed for DSLR and BMCC type film camera’s, this little rig can quickly be mounted to your tripod.  Underneath the rig a standard plate can be fitted, with which you can mount it onto your tripod.


If you’re a camjo or filmmaker who travels abroad a lot, then this is a practical solution. Lightweight and compact, this rig leaves precious space in your bag, so you’ll be able to fit more equipment into your bag.


At the moment the stock is limited as these rigs are flying out the door. Not surprising as this little device sells for €249,-

Pocket Skater 2

“And in the red corner weighing in at only one pound..!” Yes that’s right, the pocket skater 2 only weighs a pound but delivers a ton of production value.

This small device operates as a dolly. Besides moving in a straight line, you can make fantastic hero shots by adjusting the angle of the wheels. All this production value on your kitchen table 😉 With it’s miniature price of €219,- this musthave delivers a punch. You might have to wait a while before purchasing as it’s sold out for the moment.

Film Gear

48 Hour Filmproject Winners!!

Monday morning generally means feeling the blues after saying goodbye to the glorious weekend.
Not this Monday however!! I received some great news!

This morning after my usual round of social media updates, I discovered Holland has won Best Film, making this two years in a row. “Erm… Best Film?” you might think. You saw the Oscars and are pretty sure it’s Birdman. However I’m talking about the 48 hour filmproject. And the Dutchies have won Best Film two times in a row!


48 hour Filmproject

The filmproject is an international competition which, in the Netherlands, takes place several times a year. Usually connected to the larger filmfestivals of Holland, like the Netherlands FilmFestival and the IFFR. The goal of the competition is to make a short film of max. 7 minutes within 48 hours. This in itself is quite difficult, here’s the catch… Not until the kickoff do you find out what genre your film will be. At the kickoff, the name of your character and his occupancy will also be announced alongside a line of dialogue which must be used in the script as well as a prop (i.e. a broom, a lighter etc.). All these items must be integrated into the story, which you start writing at the start of these 48 hours.


Luckily you are allowed to gather a team, cast actors and go scouting for locations long before the kickoff. However after the launch it gets serious, the pressure cooker that is the 48 hour filmproject will commence. This coming edition, the GO Short filmfestival Nijmegen, will be the 14th time I’ll be competing and I can tell you; you will survive 😉 Actually it’s quite addictive and nothing compares to seeing your hard earned film on the big screen. But only if you were on time to enter your complete film that is.. If you’re one second too late you will be disqualified and your chance to win prizes has just out the window…



Talking of which, brings me back to the start of this post! Holland has now won twice in a row. Last year’s “Geen Klote” (starring Johnny Kraaijkamp jr. and William Spaaij) won last year, originally from the 48 hour Amsterdam edition. This year “These Dirty Words” takes home the prize, starring Koert-Jan de Bruijn, Liza Sips, Sytse Faber and my good friend Sandra de Zwart.


In an exciting turn of events, Sandra won the prize for Bes Actress. Considering the film won Best Film from 4500 other entries from 125 cities worldwide, and Sandra being Best Actress. An astonishing feat!! Let’s do the math, 4500 film with at least 1 actress per movie… Wow!!


This isn’t the first time Sandra took home Best Actress. Her 2014 role in my film “Botsauto” (“Bumper Car”) got awarded Best Actress of the GO Short edition of 48 hour filmproject.


Within 48 hours we made a powerful film about two psychiatric patients and their wish to be normal but unable to achieve this because of their psychiatric problems. Through my directing, Perry Mulder also won; Best Actor for his part as Pjotter.

Sandra is a very talented actress and she plays the role of Freya so subtle, yet through her performance raises suspense because of the brooding tension underneath. As soon as you see her, you know she’s a time bomb waiting to go off. I had a lot of fun directing Sandra and am very proud of our beautiful dramatic film. Perry is very convincing in his part as the seemingly shy Pjotter, however nothing is as it seems!


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Oh, and an awesome cup of tea.