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Even though I love to talk about film, for hours and hours, I would rather show you. Feel free to browse through my projects below. What you see is what you get.


Day in my Life – Launch Promo

The Letterpress

DS Metaal

Senses Camping Promo

A feel good vibe for a feel good time. That’s what the folks of Senses Camping are all about. Out in the rugged and beautiful terrain of Eastern Portugal, lies this lovely getaway. This pretty much sums up what Senses wanted to show with this film. Their wish, my command. Enjoy this lovely film!

Client: Senses Camping

Crossborder Networking Rivercruise

My friends at Open Coffee Maastricht were very happy with their previous films. Now that they were planning a larger event, they approached me once again to film this magnificent networking event.
Although the weather was gloomy, with the fog and all, the spirits on board were high. A successful business networking event while cruising on the river Maas.

Client: Open Coffee Maastricht

Wallcover Art Promo


Pabo Plus – Fontys Hogescholen

My client Fontys Hogescholen (a string of colleges throughout the south of Holland), asked me to make a short and catchy film providing information about their PABO Plus programme. The desired outcome was to inform new and enrolled students alike, about the possibilities the PABO plus programme has to offer.

Open Coffee Maastricht

This film is about the network event hosted by Open Coffee Maastricht.
Open Coffee Maastricht asked me to provide an extra film with interviews to be launched
together with the promotional film. Through several interviews attendees explain the benefits
of attending this network event.

Open Coffee Maastricht Promo

This is a promo I filmed for Open Coffee Maastricht, a monthly networking event for local entrepreneurs.

Marionette – Short Film

Marionette is a short horror film we made as part of the Who’s There Horror Challenge 2013, organised by Bloody Cuts. The goal was to make a 3 minute horror film within a $1000,- budget.






  • Botsauto; the short film by Douglas Robson won two awards at the 48 hour Film Project in Nijmegen

    - Cinesud -
  • Douglas took my idea to the next level by adding his creative input and brought my film to life.

    - Anne Budé -

About Douglas

I am a thinker, a doer, a dreamer and a creator. But most of all a filmmaker located in Roermond, the Netherlands. And I have won a ton of awards... Or maybe only two. For now.


 The most important part of filmmaking is staying true to your vision. When you make something with passion, people will love it. No matter what.


After hours and hours of editing (and then hours and hours of pressing ‘CMD + Z’, you get the hang of it. In addition to being a filmmaker, I am also an experienced editor.


I’m good at

There are few things that give more satisfaction than succesfully completing a project! Well, perhaps more filming... Stay hungry!

Won't stop Filming


My quality standards apply in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. And I know all about making your film.


Filmmaking is not just pressing on record. It’s about working together and making tough decisions. To cut that beautiful shot.
Kill your darlings.


If you’re looking for a story that doesn’t start with ‘Once upon a time..’, I’m your guy. As Stanley Kubrick once said: ‘If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed’. Together we can work out a storyline that is authentic, creative and tailor-made to your desired results.


You have your concept ready, your crew together and you’re all ready to shoot when suddenly your cameraguy cancels because he forgot he had an appointment with his dentist? No worries, I will fit right in. I have my own equipment available and am easily employable within any project. Just pick up the phone and find my contact details below.

Network of Professionals

You might have noticed: this website is all about me. But hey, there are a lot of other professionals out there. So if your project requires more people for the job, I can work as intermediary.

As a filmmaker I like to capture what I see and feel.
Above all else I seek the thrill of creating!

- Douglas Robson -


For your viewing pleasure I have selected several of my most favourite shots of the year so far.
Enjoy and feel free to contact me, so I may add some shots of your film too.

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Oh, and an awesome cup of tea.